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Our SEO Service is a long-term solution to get your site ranking high through organic and natural Google search as opposed to pay-per-click advertising.
We’re sending you the overall information on how we will be able to offer you proactive SEO maintenance, advice, and regular SEO campaign reports. Here, we will discuss the existing search engine compatibility issues of any type of website in great detail.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals providing you with instant results to rise in the highly competitive market inside your market. We will help you to raise your visibility in all the major search engines like Google by increasing keyword ranks and boosting your real-time website visitors with plenty of backlinks which are always done through White Hat techniques.

SEO Service Steps We Follow

Competitor Analysis

Firstly, Let’s begin with SEO Competitor Analysis. In the process of search engine optimization as an SEO expert company, the first thing is competitor analysis. before starting a project we research our client competitor’s website and its SEO status so that we can take possible steps to begin search engine optimization also we try to find some important points to consider further SEO process.


Keyword Research

The keyword is the main principle in SEO. Basically, clients’ business products or services names are the keywords. When a customer search for products or service on search engine like google, bing, etc. they use only the keywords to find the products or service website from search engine to contact the seller. Our task is the find the top search volume and relevant keywords for our client’s website.


SEO Technical Audit

After doing proper keyword research by our SEO expert we start a process named SEO internal audit which is analysis your website is a search engine (Google, Bing, etc) friendly or not. If your website is not SEO friendly then optimize your website by doing proper on-page SEO so that you can achieve a higher result on the search results. So your website must be unique and SEO friendly.


SEO Content Writing

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. bring your website on top search results by crawling website content. Bot or crawlers want each website should be unique content. Because by index unique website it would be easier for them to bring a proper search result. Our professional SEO content writer can give you a proper write-up so that it is easily understandable to search engines.


On-Page SEO

In order to rank top on the search engine, On-page SEO is the foundation of Search engine optimization service. As we are the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, Creative Tech Park ensures that your company website On-Page SEO is top-notch. Optimizing the individual web pages to rank them higher by doing proper On-Page SEO includes header, title, keywords, meta description, alt tags, unique content, images, etc.


Local SEO Listing

After doing the proper On-Page SEO the next important thing is SEO local listing. Local Citation listing helps you to reach more people and also helps your customer to locate your company position to visit. Search engines take data from local listing NAP. Proper NAP listing helps you to rank on google and other search results. Also, your customers can use the local listing to give reviews.


Directory Submission

Building a profile for your company to other business directories is directory submission. Submission of the profile will help you to get bigger deals or international customers directly. To reach more audiences and get more business, high page rank, and high domain authority popular professional directory submission is a must. More directory submission more results are the SEO process.


Off-Page SEO

Another thing is off-page SEO done by Best SEO Service Provider companies like us. This includes link building, backlink generates, social media profile and page creation, article submission, forum posting, content sharing, photo sharing, video sharing, deep linking, etc. as we have the best SEO experts in our team we can do better than anyone. Off-page Seo helps to stay on top of search engines.


Quality Backlink Building

Only we can generate quality backlink building for your website because our SEO expert team is one of the best SEO service providers in Bangladesh. we know where to collect high DA and high PA backlinks. DA means Domain Authority and PA page authority. We have a ton of reliable sources of high page rank PA DA Quality Backlink which rank you longer in search engines.


In this digital marketing landscape saturated with competition, partnering with the Creative Tech Park SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh ensures you stand. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our commitment to delivering measurable results remains unwavering.

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